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Hand Therapy Consulting and Practice
Management for Physician Groups

To remain competitive in the face of declining payments and escalating costs, physician groups must expand services and maximize ancillary income. HTP helps physician groups establish and optimize the performance of hand therapy practices.

HTP provides comprehensive support for hand therapy programs. Whether you are considering the start-up of a new hand therapy practice or seeking to revitalize your existing practice, you can count on HTP's expertise and experience to help you develop and manage a successful hand therapy practice that meets your patient needs and business objectives.


HT Program Start-Up

HTP has an extensive track record of helping physician groups successfully add profitable in-house hand therapy practices. Hand therapy practice management and program start-up services include:

  • Feasibility Studies – Recognizing that every physician group is unique, HTP determines whether adding ancillary hand therapy can benefit your patients, and how to do it in a way that fits your practice’s needs while generating a healthy return on investment.
  • Facility Search – HTP helps determine how much space is necessary, helps find the ideal location, assists in lease negotiation, and then works with you to design and build-out a clinic that will ensure maximum patient and staff satisfaction.
  • HT Staffing – HTP’s specialized recruiting team helps physician groups recruit the optimal mix of skilled therapy providers, support staff, and offer a competitive compensation package that includes progressive incentive plans to encourage both highly skilled care and productivity.
  • Equipment and Supplies – HTP helps you select and price the right HT equipment and supplies.
  • Training and Education – HTP trains front desk staff to efficiently schedule appointments, manage cancellations and authorize care. Specialized training is provided on hand therapy billing and collection best practices, following up on insurance denials, and maximizing the submission of clean claims. HTP’s clinical team ensures that all hand therapists possess the clinical skills and education required for exceptional patient care.
  • Compliance – To ensure regulatory compliance in today’s complicated health care environment, HTP provides ongoing guidance on all federal, state and local regulations, ensuring you remain on top of all relevant hand therapy regulatory changes.
  • EHR – HTP helps you to develop and refine electronic health record templates to ensure compliance with Medicare and other payer documentation requirements, while minimizing provider and support staff time required for documentation.
Management Support
We draw on our diverse experience and expertise to help physician groups manage daily hand therapy operations and long-term strategic growth.

HTP's hand therapy practice management support services include:

  • Benchmarking for Hand Therapy – You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Using our database of more than 500,000 hand therapy visits and HT financial and productivity metrics, we compare your HT practice to similar practices to identify strengths and weaknesses, improve productivity and maximize income.
  • Human Resources/Recruiting – To deliver exemplary care while controlling staffing costs, HTP helps physician groups determine the optimal number and skill mix of hand therapists, assistants and aides and, more importantly, recruit and train the best candidates. To help build the best team, we develop and implement incentive compensation and professional development programs designed to increase staff satisfaction and retention.
  • Contracting – HTP helps analyze HT payment rates and negotiate higher rates. We also help monitor claims to ensure that groups are receiving full payment and effectively contesting denials.
  • Strategic Planning – HTP helps groups determine whether and how they can benefit from adding specialized programs, such as wound care. We also help evaluate whether the opening of one or more satellite clinics will help provide patients with more convenient access to your therapy services and provide an adequate return on your investment.
  • Compliance – HTP helps physician groups navigate federal, state and local laws and regulations, making sure clinical documentation, coding and billing consistently meet Medicare and other regulatory requirements.
  • Education/Training – To help increase productivity, optimize treatment outcomes and boost profitability, HTP provides hand therapy practice management training to providers, support staff and billing staff. For example, communication and customer service training helps promote teamwork and improve the patient experience, while training front desk staff to efficiently schedule and authorize treatment allows therapists to focus on patient care.
  • Space/Equipment/Supplies – We have helped dozens of physician groups select clinic locations, negotiate leases, design clinic layouts, evaluate the need for satellite operations and purchase the right equipment at the lowest cost. And, because HTP leverages the purchasing power of all of its clients, each client can take advantage of volume discounts to reduce costs.
Many physician groups have engaged us to conduct comprehensive assessments of their HT profitability, operations and regulatory compliance.

Financial – HTP can compare your individual providers and group to other physician-based hand therapy practices using national and regional benchmarks to determine whether your group is maximizing HT profits and, if not, where to focus improvement efforts.

Our financial assessment services include:

  • Projecting hand therapy revenue and profits based on reaching appropriate benchmarks.
  • Determining if your hand therapists are capturing the appropriate amount of charges per patient visit.
  • Analyzing payer contracts for profitability, and determining whether these contracts should be modified or terminated.
  • Determining whether provider base salaries and incentive packages are competitive and appropriately reward excellent care and effort.
  • Evaluating if provider productivity expectations should be modified and, if so, how.
  • Providing advice to physician shareholders on alternative methods of ancillary income allocation.
  • Providing concrete and practical recommendations on how a group can improve financial performance of its hand therapy practice.

Clinical Operations – Taking patient visit volume and other factors into consideration, HTP determines your appropriate number of therapists, assistants, aides and patient representatives. Other services provided to assess hand therapy operations include: :

  • Determining whether therapists are appropriately and efficiently utilizing assistants, aides and other support staff.
  • Reviewing scheduling and authorization processes to increase patient access and minimize cancellations/no shows.
  • Assessing whether and how electronic or paper documentation processes can be streamlined to both ensure compliance and increase provider productivity.
  • Measuring patient and physician satisfaction.
  • Determining whether the amount of provider time spent on tasks other than direct patient care is appropriate.
  • Evaluating the benefits and costs of adding satellite locations and extending hours.

Compliance – HTP also performs hand therapy documentation and compliance audits that include:

  • Determining whether clinical documentation complies with Medicare and other applicable payer requirements.
  • Assessing whether therapists are correctly coding treatments and capturing all appropriate charges.
  • Determining whether your hand therapy providers and practice are in compliance with your state physical and occupational therapy practice acts.
  • Assessing the need for additional clinical, documentation or other types of training to improve compliance and documentation efficiency.
In some cases, and for a variety of reasons, in-house hand therapy programs can lose money or generate much lower than average profits.

We help physician groups throughout the country substantially increase their hand therapy profits… using methods that never compromise patient care.

We work hand-in-hand with management and therapy staff to refocus efforts, and create a formula for success that is tailored to the specific needs of the practice.

To help revitalize or turnaround a HT program, we provide full management support with an emphasis on the following tasks, resulting in increased profitability and improved outcomes.

  • Staffing – Securing the right mix of therapists and support staff, rewarding increased productivity and addressing underperformers to create a strong team with improved morale.
  • Education/Training – Upgrading the skills of current clinical and support staff, including technical skills such as documentation and coding, soft skills, such as communications and leadership, and clinical competencies, to elevate the caliber of team members and the program as a whole, increasing physician confidence and referrals and patient satisfaction.
  • Finance and Operations – Focusing on improving charge capture, proper submission and follow-up on claims to increase revenue and profits.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Setting ambitious patient and physician satisfaction goals, and monitoring programs closely to ensure that targets are reached, thereby promoting continuous improvement.

By teaming with HTP to use our proven financial, operational, clinical and regulatory expertise, many physician groups have turned their hand therapy practice into thriving, profitable ventures that physician groups and therapy staff can be proud of.
HT Benchmarking
HTP has one of the largest available databases of hand therapy provider productivity, visit and payment information with over 500,000 visits. Every month, we continue to update this database by collecting and adding data on thousands of visits.

HTP uses this database to generate benchmarks for the following therapy-specific metrics:

  • Procedures and work RVUs/provider work hour
  • Procedures and work RVUs/visit
  • Visits/day/provider
  • Visits/patient
  • Payments/procedures and work RVU
  • Payments/visit
  • Initial evaluation cancellation rate
  • Follow-up visit cancellation rate
  • Gross payroll/procedure and wRVU
  • Profit margin

We compile and analyze data from each client’s hand therapy financial, practice management and payroll reports to provide a comparison of its therapy practice to other physician-based therapy practices.

This analysis allows us to highlight each hand therapy practice's strengths and weaknesses, and to focus on addressing specific weaknesses.

HTP’s benchmarking analysis also includes each client’s projected hand therapy revenue, expenses and net income based on achieving appropriate provider productivity and expense benchmarks.