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Thanks for the clarification on the Medicare cap. Kind of funny how things can be misunderstood! I look forward to seeing the results with scores. Appreciate you help.

Thank you so much! I am just starting this (therapy pool evaluation) process-very infantile stages... would be more than happy to take your lead!

Your work for us was stellar.

Eric Koelsch, Executive Director
Eric Koelsch, Executive Director
North Idaho Family Physicians, Coeur d'Alene, ID

You do MANY things for us. Your quality is evident in your commitment to our group, our therapy department and me. Thank you for everything.

Ann Bullis, Executive Director
Ann Bullis, Executive Director
Roseville Orthopedics, Roseville, CA

You helped us create and operate four highly effective and efficient PT/OT facilities. Thanks to you, our therapy offices are well-integrated with our orthopaedic practice to provide continuous, coordinated and timely care for our patients resulting in excellent clinical outcomes and superior patient satisfaction.

You did not provide a ‘cookie cutter’ approach, but remained flexible to build a program around our goals of quality, efficiency, compliance and profitability.

I have worked with Cary Edgar since 2003. He was instrumental in revitalizing our Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy programs at a time in which we were in significant need of assistance. Cary continues to be a great source of information to the practice and keeps us current in coding, reimbursement and document issues. He recently devised a bonus structure for our therapists, which appears to be increasing our overall productivity.

Cary demonstrates an impressive knowledge base as well as excellent communication skills. He has successfully worked with both our therapists and our administrative teams. I know he will always respond when I reach out with some question or problem regarding our rehabilitation programs. This responsiveness and dependability makes Cary Edgar an invaluable resource to our group.

I recommend him without any reservation.

Thank you for all of your support and collaboration in preparation for and presenting at the PT meeting this morning. You are definitely an integral part of our team and you are appreciated.

Denise A. Smith, RN, BSN, CMPE | Chief Operating Officer
Denise A. Smith, RN, BSN, CMPE | Chief Operating Officer
Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery, Vancouver, WA

Cary... thank you for your continued leadership!